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College Senate 2008-09


Hi CECians,

And here’re the details of ongoing senate’s details.


Principal – Prof. (Dr.) V.P Devassia

Staff-in-charge – Mr. Biju R Mohan, Sl. Lr. in Computer Science.

Chairman – Mr. Suraj Sebastian (9947 32 01 33)

Vice Chairman – Ms. Manju Das

General Secretary – Mr. Akhil Dev A.V (9496 34 30 84)

Arts Secretary – Mr. Laiju K Raju (9947 43 58 21)

Sports Secretary – Mr. Jerin George (9995 38 21 73)

Editor – Mr. Sajeesh E.S (9947 82 98 26)

Treasurer – Mr. Nirmal K Thomas (9744 24 19 78)


And boy representatives of all other classes are also members of the senate. A girl from each year, being a representative of girls of that year is also part of the senate.


Warm Regards,

Arunanand T.A

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Hi all,

As you all know, CEC is blest with a no. of professional and non-professional organizations. Generally, organizations are meant to be the platforms to showcase your respective talents and commitments. However, I am sad to say that many of the forums in CEC are not up to the mark. Many of them do not have office bearers too. But in the past, it was not the case. And as we are the ongoing CECians, we can blame nobody else, but us. Nevertheless, let me opine that forums like IEEE, PRODDEC, etc. are still on heat and congrats to all behind them.

What I am trying to convince you through this post is that we are not utilizing the actual cream of those organizations. Recently, one of my friends in CEC asked me, “Should we need this much of organizations? Why can’t we do the same with just one or two? And it’s really tedious to run this no. of forums in a small college like ours.” I was dumb at this question, because I had no thread for counterfeiting.

However, my stand point is that we need different organizations for different purposes. My friend’s question seems to be one like “Why should we need Porotta, Chappathi and all? Can’t we do it with rice alone?” It’s meaningless. But every organization should stand for the benefit of the institution and the students. They should complete the mission and vision of our college.


Hope you are getting my point. I suggest the office bearers of all organizations should come up with new ideas to implement. I would like to remind you one thing – we are all professional students, and the college expects some inputs, that too something professional, from us too and we should fulfill it. The most important thing to be kept in mind is that what ever you do should be for the good of a mass of people. It shouldn’t be focused to a small group of students (unfortunately all the benefits go to a minority, as of now). Hope you all will take it as a positive criticism.


In this semester, IEEE and PRODDEC have conducted some workshops and seminars. But all the other organizations remained idle. FOCES had done almost nothing, but FLOSS CELL did something great with Linux classes (special congrats to Renjith I.S of S5-C and crew for leading such a class).

I wonder if we all are aware of the fact that there are immense fundings for our organizations, which are left unused every year, especially the community service funding from TEQIP that can be utilized through NSS and all. We are planning how to use it beneficially in association with SUMMIT ’09 and its pre-exhibition; hope it will work out. NSS conducted a two-day community service program in the last semester, and it’s a great success. We expect more in the next semester too.

Our college’s forestry club – AARANYAKAM – is one which is recognized by the forestry department of Govt. of Kerala. But it’s been dead all these time; at least we could conduct a visit to any hill area or a forest and we could even hire a community service through NSS near Wayanad-like areas.

I am concluding my points…. What we all need is to relive all the dead organizations so that all CECians can be a part of at least one organization and can have satisfaction by working for their college, from which they could get some personal benefits too. We should do better in the next semester and let’s stand united for this purpose, as usual!!!

CEC Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Best Regards,
Sanoop Thomas.


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Bimalendu Bhattacharya in CEC

Hi all,

As I had written in the previous post, Prof. Bimalendu Bhusan Bhattacharya from West Bengal visited our college today morning and he’d some interactive sessions with teachers and students separately. He’s such an eminent and interesting person that we enjoyed the session to the fullest. His styles and personality did attract all. Actually, he asked for our suggestions to make the current TEQIP facilities better, but many of us were idle at this question, I must say. However, the session was interesting and he gave us his email ID, for sending him seggestions for improving TEQIP implementations in our college. And it’s here:

bimalendu@bose.res.in              or            bimal_ism@yahoo.com

Any CECian can send him suggestions, but please specify your name and that you are writing from CEC. He said that he’s very happy to be with us and next heading to CET, Trivandrum. Also, “there will be a second phase after a few months”, he added. After the interactive seeion, there had a small talk by him, on his expeditions to Antartica, which also found to be interesting. This was through the special request done by the college authorities.


You can visit his profile here:




And an important news: Even though IT is going down, the ITians are confident of a restrengthening. Yea, it’s true and there’s the first company of this year where around 20 CECians are gonna join together and it’s INFY. As far as I am told, about 26 freshers (2008 batch) have got their call letters today. Congrats to all and all the very best for your bright future!!!


And today (22-10-2008) at 6:22 AM IST, India’s first mission to Moon – CHANDRAYAAN I – will commence. Let’s all pray for this. Be proud of being an Indian!!!

Visit: http://www.isro.org/chandrayaan/htmls/home.htm


Stay tuned….


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A Story of innovation and excellence for 125 years and beyond. Celebrating 125 years of Engineering the future.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics and Engineers) is celebrating the its 125th year of Glory and legacy in the year 2009. Celebrate with IEEE.


IEEE 125 Website: http://www.ieee125.org/

Youtube Channel: http://in.youtube.com/ieee125

SUMMIT 09 in IEEE125 Page: http://www.ieee125.org/celebrate/index.html


Upcoming News regarding IEEE 125:

  • IEEE organizing the first WORLD STUDENT CONGRESS ’09 and the interesting part is that most probably it will be happening in Kerala !!! (Some suspenses still hidden!!!)
  • IEEE Presidents Change the world competition: Click Here for details.


More updates will be added shortly …
Rahul Raj,
CEC 2010 CS,
CEC IEEE SB Chairman.

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CEC to grow…


Today we had a meeting at the seminar hall, where HODs of all departments and Mr. Anil Kumar C.V were also presen. They said that there’ll be an interactive session tomorrow by an eminent personality from TEQIP, West Bengal, who is coming to our college with an intention to study the effects and results of TEQIP investements in the educational sector. They said that TEQIP has spent more than 60 crores all over India for training the tutors, i.e. the teachers to enhance their knowledge in their domains. And the TEQIP team wants to test whether the taget has been achieved. But, as Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, HOD (E) said, no student can evaluate the enhancements in a teacher’s knowledge, because  they are taught a particluar subject by a teacher only once and, may be, that teacher would have taught them only once. However, we are supposed to involve in an interactive session with the said person tomorrow morning.


However, the interesting fact is yet not told. Our college is gonna make a big leap…. Another branch, Electrical Engineering, is gonna start in our college next year. We have applied for AICTE consent, and the college authority is fully confident of getting the same. NOC (No Objection Certificate) for PG courses viz. VLSI and Signal Processing have been issued to the college and it’s under consideration of the respective governmental departments. But the only obstacle CEC is facing today is its building facility. As far as I understand, all the legal problems have been solved, and building works will restart within a few weeks. We have noticed the changes here, some people are coming and watching the premises and building and all… However, something big is really gonna happen.. that’s for sure!!!

Our series and university lab exams are going on, and we might not be able to log on to net and blog here regularly. We are really sorry for it, and thanks a lot to all ancestors who inspired us to continue writing and happy to know that this blog is one which they really liked.

CEC ki jai….!!!

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Semester 4 Results are out

Hi all,

B.Tech Degree Semester 4 Examination April 2008 published.  Click Here (2006 Admns.)

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A poem on being at CEC


Dear all,


Here’s a poem written by Vishnu Sree G (known as ‘Shivun’) of 2010-EC-A ( http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=15822096051701324594 ) on being at CEC. He’s done this in association with 2010 batch’s completion of 2 years at CEC on 9th October, 2008. And it’s here:


Second Anniversary at CEC

Rocking on and on, and on and on,
Looking back from where we took on,
We remember a date from the mix,
That says 9th October 2006!

Twas when we started to go on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

From the deep red hands that touched our foreheads,
From the hustling sweet voices that welcomed us in!
Listening to speeches that tired our ears!
Fearing the buzzing sounds at the corridors near!
From there we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Having gloomy eyes and a smiling face,
That’s often pissed up our elders grace!
Meeting each other, making new friends!
Knowing each other and adapting to new trends!
We just went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Some finding love that would stay forever,
Some still go behind, though she said never!
Some find new ones better than old,
Some say, “LOVE!! I have no hold!”
Yet, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Sports, arts and college days,
That made us and our elders peers!
Together we sang together we played!
Thereby making us each other’s dear!
Thus, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Hopelessly studying in those hectic nights,
Amassing a lot to make tomorrows bright,
Rewarded some with flying colours and eighties,
While others stricken with sorrows and supplies!
Still, we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Strangers came in, whom together we dealt,
Polishing them up and making them melt!
Though, it was a bit too late!
We found the same spirits within our mates!
So, together we went on and on!
Rocking on and on, and on and on!

Hand in hand as we go,
Toward what, that everyone knows!
The sadness and despair of leaving our dears!
Stop it guys!! We’ll think of it next year!

Just as we were, just as we are,
Lets just go on and on,
Rocking on and on!

—Vishnu Sree G



And how’s it? Comment!!!





Arunanand T A,

CEC 2010 CS.


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Welcome CECians


Hi All, And at last, here’s the unofficial Blog for all CECians!!!


Stay Connected…. We will be back with updates soon…


As you all know, our College Official Web Site ( http://www.ceconline.edu ) is not that updated with the required details and important updates and notifications. Hence to enable all Pass outs and on going CECians know any new info or updates about the college, a new blog has been created. We will let you all know the latest!!!!

Also, recent and day to day happenings in the college viz. Senate activities, Special Programs, Exam notifications, Organizational news, etc.

And the authors will be on going CECians. Those who are interested to be the authors, plz mail me: arunta007@gmail.com

In your mail, plz specify your name, contact number, major mail ID (preferably Gmail ID) and your passing out year with batch.

Stay tunes, keep updated with this:




And Write to us at: ceconline.wordpress.com@gmail.com


Best Reagrds,




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