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As you all know, PRODDEC (Product Design and Development Cell) is an organization meant to improve the practical knowledge of the students, PRODDEC focuses on the developement of projects and finished products. PRODDEC gives the students training regarding the same..


Here’s the list of projects completed during the period AUG to DEC 2008

1. Online quizzing software for SUMMIT named “Q’ Whiz” 

2. Software for C Debugging and Hacking contest prelims at SUMMIT

3. SUMMIT website

4. Website for arts fest MALHAR 08

5. Online Testing System for schools as part of the TEQIP “Service To Community Project”

6. Digital Scoreboard

In addition to these we have certain projects in the development phase such as the traffic lighting system.
Project Plans for JAN 2009

1.College Auditorium
Installation of automatic curtain and lighting systems in the college auditorium.. 

2. Center court fountain
Rebuilding the fountain and lighting systems at the center court.


Activity plans JAN 2009

1. PRODDEC Project programme (S4)
Project programme for the s4 students. Aims to expose the students to the practical standards of developing a project..
Commences on 30-12-2008. 

2.Online Talent Search Exam (S1 & S2)
The first programme for the freshers. Will be conducted from 5th-7th January, 2009

3. Workshops on Express PCB and Soldering (S4 & S6)
Commences on 12th Jan 2009


Best Wishes and happy new year,

Jofin Jospeh,

Secretary, PRODDEC.


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(Downloading section of this blog has been updated. Kindly refer this blog to your friends)


Since the disturbance of street dogs inside the partially built building, yesterday two people came to the college for catching them and they injected some medicine to the dogs. We don’t know whether those dogs will be killed or not.


As it was decided earlier in the previous senate meeting, a list of 10 students was given to the Principal as the new website committee and it’s got approved. Updation procedures of the website shall commence soon, they say.


From the notice board of the Training and Placement Cell (TPC), I came to know that around 136 students in 2008 batch and 96 in 2009 batch have been placed so far. Still, the interviews for 2010 batch is in thin air.


PRODDEC shall conduct a “Talent Hunt” quiz competition for first year students next week. This shall be with the aid of the software “Q’ Whiz”, prepared by Jofin Joseph, Secretary, PRODDEC for the online quiz competition of proposed SUMMIT ’09. This talent hunt shall act as a β-test of the said software. It shall be start of the test run of SUMMIT ’09 events, following which all possible events of SUMMIT shall be tested likewise.



Best Regards,

Arunanand T A,

2010 Computer Science and Engineering.

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Hi all,

The teams for Tiger Fives – CEC Fut sal tournament were chosen by lot today.  Detailed fixture shall be available soon.

Magazine editor Mr. Sharon Vinod of S8-A informed that college magazine for the year 2007-08 will be published soon, and a distinguished guest will be there at the said function.

The air conditioner near Computer Lab 3 was burnt itself for some time, and for the first time in the history of CEC, I heard, we had to use the fire exinguisher placed near to it. All the security systems of the college were updated during the accreditation period last year and this helped today. However, the fire neither pervaded nor made any damage.

Catch you soon,

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A

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Hi all,

Sorry that I couldn’t post any updates last few days as I was on my official tour from the college. All the four batches rocked the tour and they’re back on 21st or 22nd. We’re having vacation till today.

The head of the department of Electronics and Communication,Mr. Jyothiraj is back to chair. He’s gone for his research and Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla has been the HOD(EC) for more than two years. Also, Mrs. Jyothiraj had gone for her research, who’s the HOD of Computer Science and Engineering. Heard that she too will be back to charge soon. Ms. Renu George is now HOD (CS).

CEC had its christmas celebration this year. Whole college were in the thrill of christmas, filled with carol songs and gifts. There were gifts for teachers and students. It’s a nice experience, they said. But the S6 students missed it, as they were on tour.

The revaluation results of B.Tech Degree Semester I & II (Combined) Examinations, June 2007 (2006 Admissions) are published. visit: http://results.cusat.ac.in

Mr. Tom Thomas (2010 CS) and Mr. Abin M Abraham (2010 CS) won the first prize for state level inter collegiate quiz competition held at Alappuzha on 13th December, 2008. Congratulations!!!

College re-opens tomorrow, 29th December after Christmas vacation. CEC awaits a prosperous and happy new year – a dawn of new hopes…


Thanking you,

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A

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College Website Updation

Hi all,

As per the sente decision, the college website control is back to the hands of students and the team shall be formed soon. They will be looking forward to having creative suggestions towards the updation. I humbky request you all to post the suggestions as comments for the same.

Here are some of my suggestions:

My suggestions for Website Updation

1.      The entire layout may be rebuilt.

2.      http://www.mec.ac.in shall be taken as a model for contents.

3.      Details of the ongoing college senate, departments, syllabus, notes (as they are in MEC’s web site), office bearers of various student organizations, PTA shall be made available with due contact details viz. E-mail IDs, Mobile numbers wherever possible.

4.      User log in and E-mail facility shall be provided for:

a)   All students

b)   All faculties and A.O

c)   Senate Members (Chair, VC, AS, GS, SS, ME, Treasurer)

d)  Alumni Office Bearers

e)   Student Organizations

5.      Attendance and Internals shall be displayed online, for this try to maintain an online DB to which the month by month details shall be recorded, and from which students can know their aforesaid details just by logging in to their account.

6.      A student complaint  cell towards the college senate shall be opened in the portal so that registered students can submit their grievances.

7.      Students’ forum in the website shall be made popular.

8.      Check if the unofficial blog (http://www.ceconline.wordpress.com) can be integrated to the website or try to open a new official blog and try to find new responsible bloggers too.

9.      Try to buy an SMS gateway for CEC, which shall be used to pass info/message to the registered students during emergencies. This shall be achieved by classifying students into group on the ground of their year of admission, branch and division.

10.  Gallery page must be updated.

11.  Links page shall be updated.

12.  Home page of the site may contain a slideshow of CEC’s infra.

13.  Notification/Updates field may be enhanced. (Email shall be sent to the registered users when a new notification/update is posted)

14.  A column in the home page shall be reserved for posting the news viz. winning of awards or prizes by CECians and other college news.

15.  Upcoming events shall be updated and given in the homepage too.

16.  Credits page shall be updated.

17.  A new page named “Hall of Fame” or something else shall be created (as done in http://www.cecieee.org) which may contain the name and details of Best Outgoing Students from CEC, Other achievers who added to the fame of our college and other major achievements of the college. This shall be given year-wise)

18.  Details of students’ organizations shall be updated and a brief report of the same of the academic year 2007-08 shall be uploaded.

19.  College magazine for the year 2007-08 shall be made available for downloading.

20.  TPC details shall be updated.

21.  Placement training shall be given online, by giving some model questions in different categories and some interview tips and questions.

22.  Details of Principal shall be given as a page “Principal”.

23.  A newsletter facility shall be given in the website to which the students, teachers and alumni shall subscribe. The website team shall find a newsletter editor who may collect the news periodically for the newsletter.

24.  College handbook shall be uploaded. Try to make a new tab “Downloads”.

25.  A page “Contacts” shall be created and office phone and FAX shall be given in header.

26.  A search option shall be given near the header (Indexing preferred).

27.  A webpage each shall be given for:

a)      All students (Shall be made by the profiles created by the students)

b)      All faculties

The website of CUSAT/NIT-C shall be taken as a model in this regard.

Thanking you,

Arunanand T A,

2010 Computer Science and Engineering.


P.S. These are my humble suggestions only towards the Updation of the college website.

Please post your suggestions.

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Yesterday I heard a statistics on CECians. As far as the stati, 10% of the CECians would divorce in future. That means an average of 20 people form each batch of CEC would divorce in future. This stati is upon the batches from 1997. I found it to be very pathetic state of affairs. And Ms. Nisha Kuruvilla, HOD (EC) declared that there will be a “Stress Management Course” for S8 students on 13-12-2008.



The first batch for tour – 2010 EC-A Batch has set off today at 4 PM, being accompanied by Mr. Madhusoodanan Nair (Sl. Lect. in Physics) and Ms. Priya (Guest Lect. in EC) and her mother. They rock!!! Other 3 batches (2010 EC-B, 2010 CS-C and 2010 CS-D) will be going tomorrow at 4 PM.



The first senate meeting of the 2008-09 college senate held at the college on 5th December, as it’s proposed earlier. The details shall be posted soon.



Mr. Sharon Vinod and his crew have completed the initial works of the college magazine for the year 2007-08. The final touch-up is going on. I’ve seen the first draft and I don’t know how to express my feelings. In my personal opinion, this is and will be the most best magazine in the recent history of CEC. Chief editor’s requests prevent me from making more remarks on the magazine before it’s officially released. However, you all can expect one of the ever best magazines CEC has come across. He’s decided to give a PDF version of the magazine to upload in the net so that our passouts too can have access to it.



(I am sorry that I can’t post updates for a few days, as I will be on my college tour next week. Will be back soon with more updates…)

Stay tuned….!

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A


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Academic Calendar

Hi all,

CEC has published its academic calendar for the year 2008-09 Even Semester. It’s available at:

Click Here

or Visit the download section (top) of this blog.

Note that the last date for S6 Registration is 09..12..2008, it’s not included in the calendar.

Best Regards,

Arunanand T A

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Hi all,


It’s been a few days since I came up with an update, right? Well, We were having exams these days and it will end on 5th. Classes for S8 have started and many of them are in hurry of finding their main projects.


The selection of a CECian as the representative to CUSAT academic matters is asked to be done. The senate advisor got the notification from CUSAT via Principal recently. The rule is that the representative must be one with no arrears and having an attendance percentage of at least 80. The Principal has to nominate a  person. The nomination shall be done officially before December 5, and updates shall be posted as the case may be.


Another news, the work of the college building is about to start. There have been regular meetings at the college and I could find some people from IHRD too, whom I suppose to have come for the said purpose. Heard that Mr. Madhusoodanan Nair (Sl. Lect. in Physics) had been given the supervisory charge of the same, and I don’t know if it’s true. Also, the tenders are not affordable so far, and the authorities are looking forward to having an appropriate one. However, something big is gonna happen in the near future itself.


Regarding college magazine of the academic year 2007-08, are in press and expected to be out by the start of January, 2009. Mr. Sharon Vinod and crew have made it a great work and we all are eagerly waiting for the same. I am sorry that I can’t post further details about the magazine, as the chief editor has asked me not to do so.


Ms. Sarakkutty J (Sl. Lect. in Mathematics), one who prepares the college academic calender, said that we will really be running in short of time in the forthcoming even semester, as only 68 working days will be available for teaching. As per the norms, at least 75 working days should be there. This includes, tour of S6, Sports, College Day, Recruitments, Mini/Main Projects, Series Examinations… In fact, there’s no enough time for teaching. And there’s a national seminar(symposium) by TEQIP in our college during February first week, which is the part of Instructor-Knowledge-Enhancement programs by TEQIP. It takes five working days. The number of academic days is really pathetic, I would say.


So, the authorities said that if tour of S5 will be conducted from 13-21 December, 2008 it will be very difficult to find dates for SUMMIT in this tight semester. The only go before us is postponing SUMMIT to the next academic year, i.e. probably in June or July, 2009. The final decisions on this issue has not been taken. I expect the executive members of SUMMIT will be meeting the authorities soon for a decision.


Regaring IEEE Global Student Congress, the Region 10 received 7 proposals from the whole region, out of which they selected 3 proposals – Kerala, Brisbane and Singapore – and I suppose, they are gonna make it a joint-event. All these three sections will be carrying the organizational responsibilities. Final decision regarding cooperation in the organizing lies with the sections.




1. While going through the manuscripts of the ongoing college magazine, I found an attractive essay on the history of Chengannur, in which I came to know a fact that “Perunthachan”, the very famous architect accidently (?) killed his son, while they were indulged in the construction of “Koothambalam” of Chengannur Mahadeva Temple. The above story is very famous among all of us, and is one of the major folks for Youth Fests and Arts competitions. But it took place at Chengannur temple was really a new knowledge.

2. Recently, I Googled for Images of Thiruvathira. The result was amazing that the first result is a picture of CEC Onam Celebrations. Girls of 2009 batches performs Thirvathira in the centre court.

Will be back soon with more updates… stay tuned.


Best Regards,

Arunanand T A



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