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Oh, messed up!!! University exams, late night studies… Whole CEC is on run. 2009 batch preparing for their last evaluations of their entire B.Tech – Main Project and Course Viva. 2010 and 2011 batches are with thier university exams. It’s heard that course viva of passing out batch will end by April 29th. And most probably, April 30th will be the farewell day for the 2009 batch, the GS says. It’s really hard to believe that the so called ‘machan’ batch of CEC is getting outta CEC… the batch which brought in innovations in what all they did… the batch which always stood for CEC’s good, and above all, for my concern, the batch which would ever be green in the minds of their juniors… Dear seniors, CEC will indeed miss you, very badly…



CEC 2005-2009 A batch

CEC 2005-2009 A batch






CEC 2005-2009 B Batch

CEC 2005-2009 B Batch





CEC 2005-2009 C Batch

CEC 2005-2009 C Batch




CEC 2005-2009 D Batch

CEC 2005-2009 D Batch


Images are available at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22101701@N08/sets/72157617214795389


There’s a happy news that some of the passed out CECians, especially Mr. Arun George T and team (he’s the secretary of CEC Alumni) is interested to build up a website for CEC alumni, which shall serve as an online rendezvous for all CECians… Really a nice idea, which we are already late to have implemented. The seniors have registered the domain: http://www.cecians.org and we can hope it will be on very soon. The data collection part is going on. Major credits are for Alok Mohan (alokmohan18@gmail.com) and Arjun R Pillai (rarjunpillai@gmail.com) [both are of 2010 EC] who’ve taken initiatives at CEC for the same. Also, Jofin Joseph (jofin.jo@gmail.com) [2010 CS] is working on the technical side. Many other guys viz. Vishnu Sree G [2010 EC], Ajin Baby [2011 EC], etc have contributed the best to these efforts too.


Works of SUMMIT 09 is going on. You can guess how much possible it’s to go on with organizing fast during this examination period. However, the team is working hard. Before all set off for vacation, the new date needs to be proposed to the college authorities. Probably, it will be in the second or third week of August, 2009. Updates shall be posted as the case may be.




Arunanand T A,

2010 Computer Science and Engineering.


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Hi all,


Here’s the new google group of CEC. It’s a  Group of all students of College of Engineering Chengannur, Alappuzha District, Kerala State, India – 689 121. Not only the Alumni can apply, but all students of CEC are requested to join and get connected.
We’ve created this group so as to get all CECians connected and hope that this will serve as one. The Yahoo group of CEC will continue to contribute, especially for Job Opportunities. But this Google group enables all CECians discuss everything about CEC.
Kindly forward this to all your frineds in CEC as well as to those groups, where you’re the owner/manager, if any.


  • For Joining this group, use your frequently-used ID so that you can always keep yourselves updated.
  • After Joining, change your nick name from your e-mail ID to your original name. This helps others recognize you easily.

            (For doing so, go to the “Edit Membership link on the right Hand side)















  • Subscribe to the SMS Gateway of entire CEC at (Only important postings regarding CEC; this group includes both ongoing students and pass-outs from the very beginning of CEC):





or by sending an SMS as      ON   CECONLINE     to the number 09870807070.


(Then you will receive a message to confirm subscription. For confirming, just reply to that message with ACCEPT)



Best Regards,

Arunanand T A (Group Owner),

2006-2010 CS


P.S: Those who want to be the moderator of this group, kindly send a mail to      arunta007  [at]  gmail  [dot]  com


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