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Hi all,

Here’s the minutes of CAMPION 09 meeting dated: 27-Jul-2009

Meeting 3

Date    : 27th July, 2009, Monday

Venue : Near Car Shed, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The third meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held near the car shed of College of Engineering Chengannur at 6:30 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The important decisions/approval/reviews made in the meeting are the following:

  • Some of the executive members were not present, and the president of the meeting asked the committee to be punctual in attending the same in future.
  • A specimen of the Prize Coupon was produced by the in-charge and was approved by the committee.
  • Sponsorship tariff was furnished by the in-charge and was approved. But some more scrutiny of the feasibility was suggested and the final format shall be produced in the next meeting.
  • Sponsorship campaigning was suggested to be conducted since the next week after SUMMIT 09, and was approved.
  • Bill books shall be made ready by Mr. C R Ajith Sen.
  • The Secretaries are advised to collect the useful contacts from juniors so that it shall be used in Sponsorship Campaigning. This has to be done at once.
  • Specimen of two kind of certificates viz. for Finalists, for Executive Committees were produced by the in-charge and was approved. In the certificates for Executive Committees, only The Principal and the Staff-in-Charge shall be signing, and in that for the Finalists, apart from these officials, the Tournament Secretary also shall put his signature.
  • For official invitation procedure, the invitation-in-charge shall contact Mr. C R Ajith Sen the next day and he shall be giving the necessary directions, after reviewing the previous years’ documents.
  • Regarding printing of brochures, decision was taken to print the same at the college itself. The in-charge was advised to design the same on or before next Monday (03-August-2009).
  • Regarding fund for fixing net/wall at the back of goal posts, the committee was informed that decision has already been taken and approved by IHRD and they will be providing the required fund too.
  • No lag should be made in contacting the Sports Secretaries/Football Captains of all other IHRD Engg. Colleges in an unofficial manner. Sports Secretary and the Tournament Secretary shall take special care in this regard.
  • An initial overview and model of T-Shirt of CAMPION 09 shall be produced on or before 3rd August, 2009 itself.
  • A lay out of add-on programmes must be submitted in the next meeting.
  • Regarding countdown of CAMPION 09, the Technical-in-Charge intimated the committee that that of SUMMIT 09 shall be used for this purpose also.
  • No decision regarding PTA fund for CAMPION 09 has been taken so far.
  • The in-charges should furnish a proper set of rules for evaluating and deciding Special Awards and the Dream Team after due consultation with our college’s Football Team Players, in the next meeting. Also, a clear panel of jury shall also be decided very soon.
  • The final list of Sports Dignitaries from CEC 2008 Pass-out batch for being specially invited to CAMPION 09 shall be submitted in the next meeting by the in-charge.
  • Official Intra-CEC invitation and announcing CAMPION 09 shall be done only after SUMMIT 09.
  • Works of CAMPION 09 website has started and it’s now available at the URL: http://campion.ceconline.edu
  • Final decision regarding inaugural programme shall be taken soon. Also, works of theme music for the same shall be accelerated.
  • Prepare a whole set of rules of CAMPION 09 by the Tournament Secretary, after going through the previous years’ documents.
  • A camp of football players shall be conducted after SUMMIT 09, and a B-Team is also under consideration. It’s subject to the rules of CAMPION 09 prepared by the Tournament Secretary.
  • Grass on the ground shall be removed as and when the students are ready to get involved into it and Mr. C R Ajith Sen  intimated that all the equipments for this purpose is ready at the college itself.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 3rd August, 2009, Monday at 6:00 PM.

The meeting was concluded by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, asking the committee heads to be punctual in doing their duties so that CAMPION 09 shall be a great success.


[Attendees are from 2006-10 batches. Those who are from different batches have been marked likewise]

  1. Mr. C R Ajith Sen [Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.]
  2. Mr. Arunanand T A
  3. Mr. Vineeth V M
  4. Mr. Mahesh Mohan
  5. Mr. Akhil Dev A V
  6. Mr. Arjun R Pillai
  7. Mr. Sarath S
  8. Mr. Sarath Vallathol
  9. Mr. Rakesh B
  10. Mr. Prince P Sivan
  11. Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen
  12. Mr. Vishnu Sree G
  13. Mr. Jijil K I
  14. Mr. Jerin George
  15. Mr. Shanavas M
  16. Mr. Jaseen Jamal
  17. Mr. Dawns John
  18. Mr. Vishnu Mohan
  19. Mr. Amal D Mukund
  20. Mr. Deepak Devanand
  21. Mr. Aravind Manjooran
  22. Mr. Vipin K


Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary, CAMPION 09 (http://campion.ceconline.edu)

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Hi all,

Yoga classes for the final years have started by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr. The students have opined that the classes are going well and they have found it to be very useful in the initial phase itself, to get relaxed off the hurry-berry of professional education. “It gives mental and physical relax for me with in these 4 days of practice”, said Jishad A V (2006-10). Ajith Sen sir is an internationally certified trainer.

On 30-Jul-2009, personnel of IBM, Cannonical Ltd. and United Nations visited the college campus and gave a joint-lecture on IT-trends, Open Source, etc. This is a joint venture by the aforesaid organizations and they’ve launched it in CEC, for the first time in Kerala. The lectures were from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and have been found to be very useful to the attendees. May be, CEC could make a big leap out of these contacts… Contacts from Cannonical Ltd. was obtained through Mr. Manoj Iyer (CEC 1994-98), who’s a kernel engineer there. Thanks to him.

CAMPION 09 works are going well. Minutes of meetings shall be updated soon. Visit: http://campion.ceconline.edu

SUMMIT 09 publicity secondary level starts this Monday. Alumni is requested to kindly check their inbox, and if they’ve not got a mail from us, kindly take this as an official invitation by your juniors to the event. Kindly provide us with some good contacts of resources for the events, if any, and of course, financial assistance. Contact us: cecsummit09@gmail.com

Some “archeological items” of IHRD shall be moved to CEC from a polytechnic at Calicut. It shall be a treasure for our college and shall be used for SUMMIT 09 also. It shall remain in our college itself, even after SUMMIT 09. It includes, old big PCs, disks, etc.

TIME, a management institute conducted a mock test for S5 students on 30-July-2009. Most of the students have attended the exam, which ran with the help of TPC.


Arunanand T A,

2006-10 CS.

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Infrasructure development in CEC

Hey guys,

The renovation work of the college building was a longtime dream of CECians.. The future developments in CEC are dependent on the  completion of the work pertaining to the second buliding which forms the part of the original layout of CEC..

We guys have some great news..The tender has been taken up by the PWD as most if you must have already known.The tender is  a  general works Tender and the building plan and such stuff have been accepted. The tender was to close on the 23rd of July,2009 but has been extended to the 19th of August. The tender is one which calls for several contractors for the various works.And a group of contractors will be selected form a list of many.   The contractors related to construction work have already accepted the tender and only the contractors for the Electrical work need to be approved…and that is reason for the extention of the tendering process.

As of now, there is no hindrance  to the work from starting.  If everything goes according to the plan, the work can begin within a month after the tender is taken. The estimated  time for completion is 18 months, and the cost estimate is 2 crore rupees. 45 lakhs have already been given for the work to start.

The building can hopefully be occupied within a year and the first two floors will be given the priority, according to the Principal’s office. In that case the EE branch can be moved over to there with some extended facilities..and the M. Tech programme in CEC can begin  at the earliest, once the work is complete.

Hoping for the best,

Richie (2007-11 CS).

Courtesy for info. : The Principal , CEC.

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Hi all,

Here’s the CAMPION ’09 Meeting Minutes dated: 15-Jul-2009.

Meeting 2

Date    : 15th July, 2009, Wednesday

Venue : Auditorium, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The second meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held at the auditorium of College of Engineering Chengannur at 2:25 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The following executive committee posts were filled in this meeting, which remained unfilled so far. They are:

  1. P.R.O                                      –     Mr. Sanoop Thomas
  2. T-Shirts                                 –      Mr. Shyam R
  3. Addon Programs              –      Mr. Ratheesh S  & Mr. Sarath Vallathol
  4. Designing-in-Charge       –      Mr. Anoop Thomas M
  5. Web Designing                   –      Mr. Jofin Joseph

Other major decisions taken include:

Prize Coupon:

  • No Specification of prizes in normal prize coupons.
  • Prize coupons with denomination Rs. 5/- can be printed at the college itself, and the logo of Campion shall be included.
  • At the time of admission of new batch (as the case may be), a special prize coupon with denomination Rs. 25/- shall be distributed among the parents.  These shall carry special prizes exclusively for the first years.
  • Lucky dips shall be introduced 30 days before the event and that for new admissions also should be made well in advance.
  • During Onam vacations, give the lucky dips to different batches for distribution at their house premises.
  • Fix the dates of printing works and produce a model in the next meeting.


  • An outline of the budget was presented by the Treasurer. It excluded the expense for technical enhancement and the inaugural ceremony, as they cannot be calculated as of date. In the next meeting, the respective in charges shall produce the same.


  • A detailed tariff could not be furnished. The same shall be produced in the next meeting.
  • Mr. C R Ajith Sen has advised to take much care not to make a clash between SUMMIT 09, CAMPION 09 and Magazine sponsorships. The prior importance should be given for SUMMIT 09 in this period of time.
  • Contact a person (details shall be given later to the Sponsorship-in-Charge) the next week itself.
  • Bill books should be made ready as soon as possible.
  • Use common contacts (in the sense, those who regularly sponsor us) for sponsorships.
  • Fix the date of Sponsorship commencement.
  • Collect the contacts from the juniors (media and other acquaintances)

Other suggestions/decisions were as follow:

  • Certificates shall be given to the finalists and to the executive committee members and shall be printed at the college itself.
  • Mr. Amal D Mukund, the in-charge of Invitation and Registration shall be having additional charges of Certificates.
  • Details of the technical enhancement and inaugural ceremony shall be furnished in the next meeting.
  • Bike stunt for the inaugural ceremony was suggested, but it was summarily rejected as the event is supposed to be completely inside the ground.
  • Mr. Sojo James, the Banner-in-Charge shall be having additional charges of printing works.
  • A limited number of brochures shall be printed. It shall be done at the college itself.
  • Invitation process shall commence at least 45 days before the college, and the in-charge must start the procedures. For the official invitation, last year’s format shall be followed. In the initial level procedure, official brochures need not be propagated.
  • Endeavours are made to find the fund to fix a net/wall at the back of goal posts with the aid of IHRD funding. If it’s not applicable, it shall be met with the College Sports Fund.
  • Mr. Jerin George, the Sports Secretary of the college must contact the Sports Secretaries/Football Captains of other IHRD Engg. Colleges and shall pass the information about the event unofficially. It shall be performed as soon as possible.
  • For the video coverage, the needed equipment shall be taken from the college.
  • As mentioned earlier, Mr. Shyam R will be the in-charge of CAMPION 09 T-shirts. Special care must be taken not in quantity, but in quality. Also, timely delivery to be taken care of. Details shall be furnished in the next meeting itself.
  • As decided, Mr. Sojo will be looking into Receipt book printing also. This shall be done at the college after consultation with Mr. C R Ajith Sen.
  • Certain add-on programmes/competitions shall be conducted in between matches, if and only if time permits. Mr. Ratheesh S has been allotted its charge.
  • A 30 days countdown shall be placed at the centre court. This has been marked as a good idea by the committee and shall be looked into with a technical perspective by introducing a digital countdown. Its feasibility must be studied and details shall be given in the next meeting by the person in charge.
  • Financial aid from PTA shall be requested by the Senate.
  • Scoreboard shall be the same as that of the last year. Check the brightness and its present condition.
  • A suggestion was made in regard of the CAMPION 09 balloon, and the executive committee has suggested that it should be looked into with an economical perspective, whether it’s cost-effective.
  • As in the last year, special awards shall be given to Best Goal Keeper, Best Scorer, Best Defender, Best Emerging Player and Best Player.
  • Apart from the special awards above, a new suggestion was made before the committee by Mr. Vishnu Sree G to declare a dream team with 5 members, considering all the participating teams. This suggestion was welcomed by the committee with special remark to Mr. Vishnu Sree G.
  • Judges for determining the special awards shall be assigned. Judges must be veterans, and a good set of criterions for those awards must be published before the event.
  • Invitations-in-Charge has been assigned the duty of inviting seniors and alumni. Send mail to the CECians Google Group: cecalumni@googlegroups.com inviting them to the event and requesting sponsorship.
  • Special requests shall be sent to the selected alumni for sponsorship (E.g. recently placed in MNCs)
  • Sports Secretary was entitled to prepare a list of four students from 2008 batch (2 years prior to ours), those shall be invited as special delegates during the event and shall be recognized for their sport and game skills. All males and females (not only from football arena) are to be considered.
  • Special gift for the “Best Seller of Lucky Dip” shall be given, as done in previous years.
  • Duty leaves shall be given only in justifiable condition with proper purpose. The organizing secretary must take special care to clear all the duty leave forms on or before the Friday of a week. This condition shall be made flexible during the last days of organizing.
  • Theme Music of CAMPION 09 and other music related jobs have been allotted to Mr. Fredie Thomas (2006-10 CS-C).
  • Permission for entering various classes for the purpose of announcing and declaring the event shall be given after a few days.
  • All the executive members are privileged to form their own sub-committees for proper functioning of their committee, as and when required.
  • For CAMPION 09 website, decision has been taken not to buy space and domain, but to use the sub-domain of college website as well as space. Mr. Jofin Joseph (2006-10 CS-D), Web Master of the college has already been intimated about this.
  • Regarding the B-Team of the college, decisions shall be taken later. Mr. C R Ajith Sen has advised the Tournament Secretary to build up a good set of rules under such cases (cases when B-Team has to play for the event to continue)
  • A suggestion was made from the 2006-10 batch that they are willing to endow a new trophy for CAMPION in the loving memory of their batch mate Late. Mr. Vishakh Vasu, which shall be an ever-rolling one. In this case, the existing old trophy shall be replaced and the old one shall be used for any other purpose viz. Annual Sports Meet. However, the final decision regarding this is yet to be taken in the forthcoming meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 27th July, 2009, Monday at 4:00 PM.

The meeting was concluded with Mr. Ajith Sen asking the executive committee to work with harmony and ensure maximum participation so that CAMPION shall be much more colourful this time, in all sense, than in previous years.


[Attendees are from 2006-10 batches. Those who are from different batches have been marked likewise]

  1. Mr. C R Ajith Sen [Lr. in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.]
  2. Mr. Manu Raj
  3. Mr. Arunanand T A
  4. Mr. Prince P Sivan
  5. Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen
  6. Mr. Vishnu Sree G
  7. Mr. Aby Jacob [2005-09]
  8. Mr. Ullas Unnikrishanan
  9. Mr. Deepak P
  10. Mr. Jijil K I
  11. Mr. Jerin George
  12. Mr. Shanavas M
  13. Mr. Abhiram S
  14. Mr. Jaseen Jamal
  15. Mr. Dawns John
  16. Mr. Vishnu Mohan
  17. Mr. Amal D Mukund
  18. Mr. Deepak Devanand
  19. Mr. Shyam R
  20. Mr. Najeeb M A
  21. Mr. Aravind Manjooran
  22. Mr. Vipin K
  23. Mr. Laiju K Raju
  24. Mr. Sojo James


Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary,


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Hi all,

It’s after a short vacation I have come up with a new post. Well, some incidents have taken place in CEC, which I am writing below:

Classes commenced on July 1st. There are so many happy news this time. A new branch in B.Tech has been allotted for CEC – Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Yea, CEC is waiting for EEEians now…

CEC has been rated as the best 7th Engineering Colleges (among Govt. Engg. Colleges) in Kerala (Source: The survey conducted by NIT-Calicut Alumni). Link is here: http://reccaanit.org/erating/government.html

Campion 09 works are going on… Thinking of starting a page at: http://campion.ceconline.edu . The CAMPION 09 team has spoken to Mr. Jofin Joseph of 2006-2010 CS, the webmaster of CEC, to take necessary actions for the same.

CEC Ranked 7th Best Engineering College in Kerala (NIT-Calicut Alumni Survey 2009)
CEC Ranked 7th Best Engineering College in Kerala (NIT-Calicut Alumni Survey 2009)

SUMMIT 09 sponsorship works are going well. However, CEC can’t go ahead without the help of our seniors and the alumni… Updates are posted to the group: http://groups.google.com/group/cecalumni . Publicity is yet to start. Visit: http://www.cecsummit.org

The academic calendar of CEC 2009-10 Odd Semester is available here and at downloads of this blog.

Mr. Madhusoodhanan Nair (Physics) of our college has been awarded Ph.D.

Ms. Smitha Dharan (HOD (CS)) is supposed to join the office back after her Ph.D programme this month. Mr. Jyothi Raj (HOD (EC)) has already returned and has taken the charge of his office.

Seminars and main projects have started. From this year onwards, CUSAT has allotted 50 marks for project design in S7 itself, to ensure proper planning of projects. Some models and guidelines of Seminar Reports are available at the downloads of this blog.

Anoop Thomas Mathew of 2006-2010 CS is now a Red Hat Certified Engineer.

More news follow… stay tuned…


Arunanand T A,

2006-2010 Computer Science and Engineering,


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Hi all,

Meeting 1

Date    : 3rd July, 2009, Friday

Venue : Auditorium, College of Engineering Chengannur.

The first meeting for the purpose of conducting Campion ’09 was held at the auditorium of College of Engineering Chengannur at 1:00 PM. The meeting was presided over by Mr. C R Ajith Sen, Lecturer in Physical Education, Sl. Gr.

The major intention of the meeting was to form various committees for the event. From among the students, the following were selected unanimously:

1. Tournament Secretary

Mr. Deepak Devanand (2006-10 EC-A)

2. Organizing Secretary

Mr. Arunanand T A (2006-10 CS-D)

3. Treasurer

Mr. Manu Raj (2006-10 EC-A)

4. Sponsorship-in-Charge

Mr. Prince P Sivan (2006-10 CS-D)

5. Lucky Dip-in-Charge

Mr. Jijil K I (2006-10 EC-A)

6. Inaugural Ceremony-in-Charge

Mr. Vishnu Sree G (2006-10 EC-A)

7. Technical Committee-in-Charge

Mr. Sarath S ((2006-10 EC-A)

8. Invitations and Registrations-in-Charge

Mr. Amal D Mukund (2006-10 CS-C)

9. Officiating Committee-in-Charge

Mr. Abhiram S (2006-10 CS-C)

10. Ground Committee-in-Charge

Mr. Nithin Sam Oommen (2006-10 EC-A)

11. Banner-in-Charge

Mr. Sojo James (2006-10 EC-B)

12. Refreshments-in-Charge

Mr. Deepu Venugopal (2006-10 EC-A)

13. First Aid-in-Charge

Mr. Deepak P (2006-10 EC-B)

The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 15th July, 2009, Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

The meeting was concluded with Mr. Ajith Sen exhorting all members present to work with unity and sincerity to make Campion 09 a great success.


Arunanand T A,

Organizing Secretary,

CAMPION 09 (http://campion.ceconline.edu)

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Hi everyone,

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” As you know the training and placement cell is organising for us(2010 batch)  a series of preperation sessions to make us competent to face the “multi-level filtering” techniques the companies may most probably employ during these recession period. So my primary request to all my batchmates is to make maximum use of the oppurtunity.

We have Mock tests every Thursdays which include aptitude, verbal and technical questions to be answered within a particular time limit. As you know, these tests are the screening through which the companies may eliminate more than half the candidates. So the situation demands to be a master in this. So I humbly request everybody to have your homeworks done before you appear for the test. After the test,try to get through every question once more with the right answers with you. I guarantee you,’ You will get through”.

Next, the group discussion. We are planning to conduct the group discussions in two different stages. First Intra class levels, that is Gd’s within the class.This may enable some of our fellow mates to get through with their stage-fright and get into the real pulse. Second level may be inter class levels.

Let me emphasize that this level lets include technical topics too for the gd. For eg; Advantages of thermal power station or Java and .Net. So these type of topics need some technical backgrounds. So lets prepare some points by our own.

A session by SPARK has been arranged at college auditorium on 10th July, Friday 12:45-2pm to get expertize ideas on GD’s and interviews. Please make the best of the situation. (Sorry to my Muslim friends that we could not get another slot to arrange this session. Hope you can understand.)

The face to face on how to face an interview by Liju Philip sir is getting good responses everyday. Let me convey my sincere regards to him on behalf of 2010 batch as he is delivering his precious time for us everyday. Those who haven’t appeared please take a review from those who have got the session, so that you won’t miss the chance.

Some other sessions are under proposals, a session by IMS may be next weeek and a seminar by KITA(Kerala IT alliance) on 24th July. Confirmations on these will be given later.

Some more suggestions to my friends from my part:

1.  Lets practice to speak English among us. Atleast during class hours. This really works.

2. Please be punctual for the tests. Look on to that everybody appears for the test.

3. Be present for the GD and Mock interviews at the slot allotted for you by the TPC members. Else you are taking away a chance of yourself and your friends. So please coperate with your TPC members. If you can’t come, inform them at the earliest.

Time is very less for us. But lets squeeze the pulp out of it. Lets make this joint venture a mega-grand successand hope and pray that we could break all the placement records this year.

So friends, we look on to your suggestions and feedback.

Best regards ,

Nirmal Sajo Thomas

CS CEC2010

TPC Student Member

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